Citizens Above Partisanship is a registered political action committee in the State of Maryland. Our membership is a diverse, nonpartisan group of Washington County, Maryland residents who are committed to working across political differences for our common good. We support candidates from across the political spectrum whose beliefs and actions align with our mission. We value unity and equity in opportunity, access, and participation for all citizens.


To establish and maintain a grassroots coalition of people willing and able to do the difficult, messy work necessary to support a healthy democracy that serves the needs of all its members.



To elect candidates to office in Washington County who support the well-being of all Washington County residents through civility, collaboration, mutual engagement, respectful disagreement, and necessary compromise.


What We Believe and Expect

  1. We believe in facts and the unbiased interpretation of facts.
  2. We believe that rational people can disagree rationally, and that intellectual disagreement is a valuable part of a participatory democracy.
  3. We believe that people are individuals and should be treated as such.
  4. We insist on real conversation about real issues.
  5. We listen to what people actually say rather than what we expect them to say.
  6. We do not tolerate antagonism from any perspective.


Our Goals

  1. To identify obstacles to political cooperation and collaboration and work to remove them.
  2. To provide opportunities for rational people from all viewpoints to work together in pursuit of policies and practices in line with our purpose.
  3. To put forward qualified candidates for local office who support our purpose and beliefs.
  4. To support those candidates in their campaigns and in their work once elected.
  5. To act as a watchdog to call out threats to and breaches of our beliefs and expectations.