Gerrymandering and Maryland’s 6th Congressional District

Monday night’s panel discussion on gerrymandering and the recent Supreme Court case involving Maryland’s 6th Congressional district, which includes Washington County, featured Randy Barber, Chair of the Washington County Democratic Central Committee (speaking only for himself), and Len Lazarick, Editor of Amie Hoeber, former Republican candidate for the CD 6 seat, had been scheduled to speak but regrettably was unable to attend due to an emergency. Washington County Republican Central Committee Chair Jerry DeWolf did not respond to requests for participation.

Lazarick, who has been covering Maryland politics for many years, spoke about the current and historical context for the legal challenges to Maryland’s redistrict following the 2010 census. Barber advocated for a nonpartisan redistricting commission, a proposal similar to that put forth by Governor Hogan, but added that national action is needed. He said that if Maryland, where the gerrymandered districts favor Democrats, were to redistrict in a nonpartisan manner while other states remain gerrymandered in favor of Republicans, it would be tantamount to “unilateral disarmament.”

Coverage of the meeting by WDVM can be viewed here.

CAP’s next meeting, on Monday, May 20, will be on economic development in Washington County. Everyone is welcome!


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